Are You Thinking Too Much?

In most cases, thinking too much is at the core of emotional and physical pain.  Your ideas and beliefs which keep playing over and over in your mind, were created by the prior choices you made, coming from childhood role models.  They are reinforced every time you continue to react to situations the same way, allowing the same communication and situations to manifest with others.

Since you are living out the sum total of your choices, you may choose to become aware of the “potential” danger of, in this lifetime, never knowing freedom from your identities.  When you eliminate past concepts and belief systems, including mental attitudes, expectations and judgments, when creating your goals, you will support and empower your own evolution, gaining the freedom to see yourself as you really are.

Clear, honest communication with yourself is most important so you can experience the being you are without the mind’s influences.  You do this by feeling, not by thinking.

It is most important to be aware of who you really are.  You attract energy patterns which are similar to your identities, so that which you subconsciously or consciously think you are, you become.  Any illness or life condition is your creation.  When you experience illness or any non-preferred reality, the judgment of your own conscious or subconscious perception of the creation locks in the physical form of the illness and can drive it deeper, creating more layers until you release the judgment and then unwind the layers of identities and beliefs.

Many people believe that they do not have a purpose in life. Every person is on this earth to experience, to evolve and to prosper. Many people also feel apologetic for being on this earth.  Often, through your subconscious mind, you create a diversion in life which enables you to check out, becoming unconscious of your own evolutionary process. You think you have been forgotten or misplaced and that your path is deeply hidden and mysterious.

This persistency is subconsciously created by a fixed idea, viewpoint, or a delusion.  These energy patterns go back to your early years of life, not allowing you to perceive and experience situations, people, your environment and yourself in ways that you prefer. You see life through genetic and learned filers called identities.

How Emotions Effect Our Health

Most of our physical problems begin as emotional hurts that have been suppressed deep down inside. This pain may have happened many years prior. But if we haven’t dealt with the situation and just tried to bury our feeling then it will cause problems and it will affect you life and who you see you self as.

Example: Your parent or parents may have told you, you are stupid when you were young. As a young child we accept what our parents pronounce over us. You take on the identity of being a stupid person. You walk in that and you take it into every situation that you come into. It may give you low self esteem and may cause you to make decisions in you life that you wouldn’t have done if you didn’t have that belief about yourself. This may have made you agree or resentful and that would have effects on your emotional and physical health.

The conscious mind might not remember the incident. You may have suppressed it because it was too painful to think about. Your subconscious mind remembers everything and you are affected by what it believes. There is a corresponding organ to every emotion. Resentment weakens the gallbladder, anger weakens the liver, and grief affects the lungs.

When you are able to pinpoint the indecent of the hurt and deal with it and forgive the situation. Then you can replace the negative identity with a positive one. This is done through the protocol Neuo-physical Reprogramming and can change your life.

Former Clients

My name is Jessenia Meza and I first met Linda Dolson in the year of 2011, this would be the beginning of my new life.

As a battered woman, i found my self with insecurities, low self esteem, fear, shame I needed someone to show me there was a  light at the end of the tunnel, Linda’s counseling not only gave me my confidence back but taught me to believe in my self, each session was intense but pleasant and she  discovered a side of myself that I didn’t even know I had, leading to the source of my emotions that she very carefully handled and eventually to begin the healing process.

To date, I live my life at ease , I see the positive of any situation and I owe it all to LINDA DOLSON.

-Jessenia MezaFormer Client

Linda knows how to go deep.  It is absolutely amazing to learn how I have been feeling a certain way in my mother’s womb, feeling a certain way after I was born and now why I am excited to see her every single time to go deep. Every time I see Linda I feel different because you have to be ready to work on yourself. I am not as ANGRY, don’t play games like I used to because I had to grow up, understanding that I am really smart, more confident and making my own decisions. I am now thinking more clearly.


I had retired and I met Linda at Safe Passage. I was feeling old. I wasn’t sure what my purpose for living was. After just three sessions with Linda, the core problems from my childhood that caused me anxiety, fear and the feeling of not belonging for my whole life were uncovered and dealt with.  I felt light and happy. I had peace in my life and became motivated to help others, both individuals and by volunteering at non-profits. I have a new, wonderful life!

-HeatherFormer Client